Life on a Polkadot

The 2.0 existence

“O, may I join the choir invisible
Of those immortal dead who live again
In minds made better by their presence; live
In pulses stirred to generosity,
In deeds of daring rectitude, in scorn
Of miserable aims that end with self.” – George Eliot

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Inverse moments

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t.” – Alice

Some encounters are like waves that start out crashing and then roll back into deep swells. It’s an inverse moment- contrary- which moves you to exclaim. Life is strange… strange but beautiful.

Kind of like this Coldplay song.

Shit white people said at last Friday’s march and my thoughts on being white and privileged

In the wise words of Stephen Hawking, “life would be tragic if it weren’t funny”. So please read my commentary on white privilege and Friday’s march with a sense of humour. I should state upfront that my views do not represent that of all white South Africans, and this blog does not speak on behalf of anyone but myself. Continue reading “Shit white people said at last Friday’s march and my thoughts on being white and privileged”

Where is my mind?

Your life is what your thoughts make of it. Recently my thoughts have been dry kindling doused in gin and set on fire. Until I took control of that situation.

It wasn’t easy, but nothing is… woohoooooo (Blur reference in case you missed that). No matter our circumstances, we have a choice. We always have a choice about how we deal with things, and I’ve decided to take ownership of that and tackle the hard stuff. Continue reading “Where is my mind?”

The Ace of Spades represents the Death of the Year and the start of a new one, when the wheel turns again. The reason why it is a trump card is that Death comes for all of us in the end, and there is no escape – even for kings. 


When love is not enough

It’s the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn in my 27 years of existence. I always thought that love conquers all, and that relationships only end when love has withered away. Until my relationship ended while there was still a lot of love in the equation.

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3 thoughts about my Sunday meltdown

Yesterday I had a bit of a meltdown.

I started my morning off on my phone, doing the habitual social media scroll. My platform of choice was Instagram, where I noticed that a group of friends had gone to an event around the corner from my flat and hadn’t invited me. It stings when I’m confronted by the #squad #besties hashtags, and frequent social media evidence that even after years of doing friend’s Christmas, weddings and birthdays together, I still haven’t quite made the cut. I’d rather be blissfully ignorant of that fact and enjoy the times I am included. Continue reading “3 thoughts about my Sunday meltdown”

3 reasons 2016 wasn’t actually the worst year

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, usually starting a blog post off with: “I know I haven’t blogged in a while” is the start of the end. So I’m not going to state the obvious but I will explain my absence.

The birth of the blog

I went through a break up and blogging helped me deal with the sadness. My loneliness and newfound free time inspired me to invest in “Life on a Polkadot” by buying my own domain. It inspired me to do a feature on all my favourite spots on Bree Street, which was essentially a tribute to my relationship that had ended.

I felt on edge, which I coped with by blogging about depression, leaning on my friends and family, binge drinking hard liquor occasionally and seeing a psychologist.

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Happiness is not a destination

I realised this recently when a friend and I were asking each other if we were happy. It’s one of those questions that people ask each other often, like happiness as a permanent state of being is attainable. Continue reading “Happiness is not a destination”

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