Just over a month ago, I decided to embark on a 30 day social media detox. 

I was bothered by how much time I spent scrolling social media, and the impact it had on my state of mind. The incessant opening of apps and inability to focus was driving me insane.

Rather than ignore the road signs telling me that I was going nowhere slowly, I decided to take pause and do something!

Focus on the big wins

I collaborated with the MD of a software client of mine on a blog post about project implementations. We included a matrix of prioritisation, which would help organisations digitising their data capture process to identify big wins based on impact versus complexity. If I apply this matrix to my own life- I realised that a social media detox was a simple fix and would have the biggest impact.

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Facebook account down and my greatest foe, Instagram, about to be *gasp* uninstalled

Over the next month, I will be publishing a few of the journal entries I wrote a long the way. The most powerful realisation I had, which prompted the detox, was that my phone had become a fixation that I used to obsessively check notifications for cheap dopamine releases. It’s been an interesting personal experiment, and one that I’d recommend to anyone who has ever considered it.

Deleting my social media apps didn’t automatically liberate me from the relationship I had formed with my phone- but it had the desired effect. The liberation came in micro doses as the days passed without any social media.

I’ve been living life: presently.