Your life is what your thoughts make of it. Recently my thoughts have been dry kindling doused in gin and set on fire. Until I took control of that situation.

It wasn’t easy, but nothing is… woohoooooo (Blur reference in case you missed that). No matter our circumstances, we have a choice. We always have a choice about how we deal with things, and I’ve decided to take ownership of that and tackle the hard stuff.


I don’t always follow through with my intentions because I’m ruled by impulses. Reigning myself in is something I have to do one day at a time. So to all the beautiful human beings out there who may have crossed my path during this time of chaos, confusion and all the things that killed the dinosaurs- it’s been epic and hopefully not one-sidedly so.

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On Self Esteem

Any lack of it, was stolen from me by circumstances- but I’ve reclaimed it (FYI). So to the dissenters and doubters, keep looking up. You might see me as I fly by on my way to join Peter Pan and the lost boys. Growing up is overrated.

Blog too out there?

I’ve been told I’m brave. I’ve also been told this blog might create the wrong impression. I’m on the fence. I’ve questioned the content on my blog. Am I sharing too much? Probably. Definitely. It’s associated with my name and will affect how people perceive me. I’ve considered retracting some of the posts, but then I think: fuck it. Life is messy and I’m just being real about it. And for the record- I have an exceptional life. I have moments of serenity, moments of joy (all documented on Instagram for the sunshine and roses view). My blog, however, encapsulates moments of moving on from brain baggage.

The point is, don’t take it out of context! Anyone who spends time with me, knows that I’m not a tortured soul or an Eeyore… more like some weird amalgamation of Piglet and Tigger: terrified when taking that exhilarating leap and sometimes bouncing in and out of trouble along the way.

No person is one thing so let’s burn the boxes shall we?

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 Grabbing hold of the rainbow

It’s there, twinkling behind the clouds… I can feel it. If I grab hold of it, I’ll be pulled out of the puddle I’ve been standing in.

If you can relate…

Seriously, if you’re going through a hard time, take comfort in the fact that the circumstances (which are out of your control) don’t dictate your response. If you’ve responded badly or done some stuff you regret, forgive yourself and try again!

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