Someone in the near vicinity of the block of flats I stay in plays piano. Every other day I’ll hear the tinkling of classical notes floating through my bedroom window, sometimes mixed with the tempestuous howls of Vredehoek’s notorious wind.

Describe the mood of this encounter

I’ll reference my second favourite Winnie the Pooh character here and say it was an Eeyore moment, with a dedicated rain cloud and everything. I see my writing as an excretion of some strong emotion or other – gloom in this case, coupled with food poisoning. In the midst of the aforementioned trauma, my concertist started to play. It was a random time lapse I had to memorialise.

To my neighbour with the piano: for a heavenly moment you helped me forget about my worries, but you’ll never know it.

The point of this random ramble?

Our actions, even the mundane ones, can have a ripple effect that is invisible to us and immeasurable. Not a profound insight, just one that made itself known to me in a very tangible sense recently. It certainly made me more enthusiastic about blasting Arctic Monkeys from my balcony window – my music taste could be changing someone’s life in the flat below unbeknownst to me (probably not the mom with the baby across the road, but hey).

I read an article that said mentally strong people do not dwell on the past or worry about the unforeseeable future. I’m too much of a dreamer to have mastered that level of will power yet. But perhaps one of these days I’ll be free from my own neurosis.

Till then, I hope my concertist companion carries on playing the piano.