I really don’t want to turn into one of those morbid people who complain about life all the time, but I’m listening to Coldplay. The band that makes a dirty dish seem like a good reason to ball my eyes out. It’s been a really long week and I’m just over everything. You know you’ve hit a low point when you go get a pizza from Carlyles and eat the whole thing. And I know that this rant is all about me – and maybe I should be less about me, and more about the people around me who have real problems to deal with. But I’m not gonna lie, being selfless is pretty hard. If I could just have a Katniss Everdeen moment… shoot an arrow up at the sky and watch it crumble.

No Dreams Allowed

I know what you’re thinking. It’s time to go to bed and close the chapter on this crummy day – shut my eyes and be dead to the world for a couple of hours. You know those people who dream about leprechauns and candy floss clouds? I never have dreams like that. Mine are usually a mixture of scary client emails, where I wake up and check my work gmail just to make doubly sure it wasn’t real. What nightmares are made of huh?

Frazzled much?

Song: Wake me up when it’s all over

Mood: Glum

Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Day: Saturday the 25th of Janaury

Time: 12:05am

Reason for being awake? No idea. Sleep tight fellow bloggers.