This is a poor man’s version of poetry – yes, it’s a rhyme. I find that when my mind travels to depths I cannot retrieve it from, usually words are the only weapon I have to draw myself back to a level plane.


This one’s for all the people who would love to travel to the most obscure destinations this earth has to offer – for no other reason than to get away from the ordinariness that defines a large portion of our lives. If you’ve ever felt lonely when you’re in a crowded room, then you’ll understand the temptation to withdraw to an island in the sky where anything seems plausible. It’s those moments where I land up writing pieces like this:

Of all the places in the world,
The abandoned is where I want to be.
To find a space that epitomises the loneliness in me.
The wildness of the wilderness is where my soul finds rest,
In the starkness of the universe, there is no contest.
There is no man, whole enough, to make my dreams come true;
To fulfill my consciousness, or see beyond the hue…
Of what is real, and what is not, and where I want to flee;
Of chaos, and confusion, and the threat of being free.
My inner eye beckons me to return to light,
But in my mind darkness reigns and there is no requite.