Choosing the name of your blog is the first step to joining the blogger club. It’s also very intimidating. Bloggers would probably all agree that the name of a blog is essentially your first cry for attention. Are you going to go read a post on a blog called Inspired Musings or Dear Diary? Why not just call it BIG BORING BLOG and be upfront with the fact that your creativity went through menopause a long time ago.

And while I’m being my sweet and tactful self, let’s all be honest here and say it: insipid blog names are dime-a-dozen and we’re all prone to judge a blog by its name when we’re in a dismissive mood. It’s like when my sister asks me about a radio ad that just played and my response is usually ‘huh?’ I’ve trained my brain to drown out bad advertising. It’s a little bit glitchy in that I now drown out all advertising, but it’s a response that allows me to drive to work without taking a detour off the nearest bridge. Same thing with blogs. If the name of a blog stinks, my eyes just skip over it like it was never there. Now, you might be tempted to take a critical second look at the name of my blog. You’re right, it’s nothing special. But hey, I tried. Read below and you’ll see how.

The Band Name Generator

Optimism is for dummies. I knew I wasn’t going to come up with a cool name like Hyperbole and a Half, Jack Loves Kansas, Cape Town Girl or Bangers and Nash by myself. So I turned to the calculated creativity of a band name generator.

Here were a few names that didn’t make the cut:

  1. Alexander Of The Shitty Patrol (If there’s shit in the title, well…)
  2. Drooling Inertia (This might be more fitting for a paraplegic blogger.)
  3. Extra Kosher (For the love of bacon, no!)
  4. Rational Parcel Of The Apologetic Pecker (An apologetic pecker? That has to be an anomaly.)
  5. Poisonous Macaroon (How to kill a queen?)
  6. Rascal Of The Dumpster (Saving this one for a friend.)
  7. Cookie Of The Guiltless (Saving this one for a skinny bitch.)
  8. Extinction Of The Broken-hearted Vagabond (This sounds like a planned holocaust for lonely singletons.)
  9. Locker Of Despair (Let’s not go down that road)

Eventually I settled on Life on a Polkadot (ok, so I might’ve stolen it from my sister). There’s nothing especially marvelous about it, but it stuck. Honestly, it was either that or lose my job, home and Internet connection trying think up a memorable blog name. I’m too responsible to let that happen.

My friend in wilderness (getting engaged) – she also managed to capture how I feel right now: