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30 Years Old: A Retrospective


You may have gathered from the title of this blog that I turned 30 years old recently. I felt weird about leaving my 20s behind me, so it seemed like a good idea to do a retrospective of my life to date.

And what better way to summarise my little life on a polkadot than with a listicle of 30 things that have occurred to me along the way with a resource section at the end of my favourite blogs and podcasts.

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Pony parade and the highs and lows of 2018

The thoughts never stop but I haven’t been taking the time to put “pen to paper”. I wanted to write a blog this evening to share some of the things that have been happening in my life. Because I know that our hearts are connected somehow, and that there are experiences we’re all going through – the happiness, pain, anxiety, joy, excitement, novelty, loneliness, confusion and overwhelm of life is shared.

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Life is strange

I find myself thinking that over and over again.

As I read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s letters to his daughter, affectionately dubbed ‘Pie’.

“A whole lot of people have found life a lot of fun. I have not found it so. I feel that it is your duty to to accept the sadness, the tragedy of the world we live in, with a certain esprit.”

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Feelings are fake news

This year, I’ve waged a war on how I feel. My feelings set me back, they’re very convincing – and like a trusted friend, I’ve listened to them for a long time. But feelings are up and down, they’re there one minute and gone the next – a rollercoaster of fun and fear, joy and terror… like a clown that turns a normal day into a horror movie.

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3 ways to tackle your unrealistic New Year’s goals

2018, January, new me – new you, new everyone. We’ve all resolved to be better versions of ourselves. Maybe you’ve sworn off sugar. Maybe you’ve sworn to be more charitable. Maybe, if you live in Cape Town, you’ve resolved to survive the drought. Whatever it is, you’ve probably resolved to be better. Continue reading “3 ways to tackle your unrealistic New Year’s goals”

2017 recap: 4 lessons I didn’t learn from reading the news

It was the year that Jacob Zuma’s presidential term FINALLY came to an end, the global economy grew by about 3% and Bitcoin became more popular than gluten-free bread. On a personal note, 2017 was the year I was shown what it costs to be myself, and the reward too. Continue reading “2017 recap: 4 lessons I didn’t learn from reading the news”

If romance is like alcohol, then I’m an alcoholic

I read Mark Manson’s article ‘Romance is like alcohol’ today and.. *rolls up sleeves”… are you ready? Continue reading “If romance is like alcohol, then I’m an alcoholic”

I’ll tell you a secret

My holiday is coming to an end and I’ve been ruminating on the social media detox I did a few months back and why I didn’t land up publishing all of the notes I wrote a long the way. I guess some of the journals were too personal to publish. Continue reading “I’ll tell you a secret”

Why I turned off my ‘Last Seen’ on Whatsapp

A few months ago, I turned off my last seen and the blue ticks on Whatsapp. I had noticed that a few of my contacts had done it, and after a bit of investigation and contemplation decided to do the same. Continue reading “Why I turned off my ‘Last Seen’ on Whatsapp”

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